Desert View Tower

Desert View Tower

near Jacumba, CA in the far south of southern CA

I love oddities and this place qualifies. When traveling across the wide open spaces of the desert I believe it is always good to stop at overlooks, stretch a bit, and take a few pictures. Well this place is right on the verge of strange. In te almost middle of nowhere on the top of a ridge is a tower that as been constructed with local rock and a bit of who knows what else.

It will coast $4.50 to go up into the tower and I am happy to give these people some change to keep things like this going into the future. There is a collection of what some would call junk as you go up the tower, but as the host said go on up and poke around. the view from the tower stretches for a real long ways and is fun to get those pictures and see

Desert View Tower Model

Made by an eighth grader with award and type written description

some of the tidbits that have been collected here over the years.

I really liked the child who had madeĀ a replica and won a ribbon. I wish it had a date on it?? As the award was done in a typewriter, that adds some background for those sleuthing. I say come on in and give it a view for yourself. the tower is a good stop for a bit on an otherwise long drive to who knows where.

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