Microsoft is not calling you!

Hello Everyone,
Beware of the Scam Calls that come in telling you that they are from microsoft and you computer is either infected, or about to crash. They have a story that tells you about how they are microsoft and your computer has come up and blah blah blah. This is a complete and total scam. So please listen up.
number one. microsoft does not will not and never has cold called you! (read that 3 or four times please)
number two. there is no number to call these guys back. Please tell them you need their number to give to the federal trade commission or the FBI or an other law enforcement group and watch how fast they hang up.
number three. Read one and two again and never, I repeat never let a cold caller connect to your pc or you credit card. (did I say never)
These guys are trained like the closers at a time share sales promotion. they will tell you anything to get you to give them control and money.

I am not prone to blast messages that get sent to everyone, however it is time that this message be sent. Please share with anyone you wish.

This scam has been going on for several years and has just seemed to be on the rise again Here are a few links to other articles about this if you would like. Remember there are NO EXCEPTION РMicrosoft or one of its partners is not calling you.

As Always
Charley Carlin

A few articles about this scam and some of its variants are included for those who like to read more, or remain unconvinced.

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