Netflix Favorites and Amazon Prime

Netflix Favorites – We all have some and with so many choices we all need to help each other. We have begun this list for exactly that purpose. Not to be inclusive of everything in the universe, just the current stuff that we enjoy. Tell us what you enjoy so we can / might integrate it into our list. We are all curating for each other.

Netflix - The Future of TV

Netflix Favorites

Netflix Favorites

The Killing
Penny Dreadful
Sons of Anarchy
Wallender (both swedish and english)
Broad Church (England)
Wolf Hall (Maybe Cromwell)
Call the Midwife
House of Cards

Amazon Prime - The Future of TV

Amazon Prime – The Future is Here

AMAZON Prime Favorites

The Americans
Orphan Black
The Wire
Downton Abbey

Documentaries Charley Enjoyed

World War II in Colour -An Interesting look at a vicious war.
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History – Possibly America’s Royal Family – Enlightening


True Detectives


The Paperboy

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