WEBTV Winners and Nominees

The International Academy of WebTV hosts an award event every year. The mission statement of the academy is pretty broad, and basically supports the growth of digital online entertainment. As we all know this field is growing at a fantastic rate and there is no let up in sight. For 2015 IAWTV AWARDS WINNERS and NOMINEES are listed here.

Some have links to their content, for others you will need to Google it. And – Click on the Bars to open other categories. Enjoy!

Best Dramatic Series

Best Directing (Drama)

  • Toby Wilkins, Chosen
  • Pablo Javier Pares, Daemonium
  • Tate Young, Haphead
  • Adam Kosh, The Banks
  • Matt Eastman, Whatever, Linda (WINNER)
Best Male Performance in a Drama
  • Shaun Blaney, Farr – The Web Series (WINNER)
  • Jonathan Robbins, Haphead
  • Jonathan Robbins, Out With Dad
  • Ed Robinson, Pairings Season 2
  • Xavier Huard, The Banks
Best Ensemble Performance (Drama)
  • Nikki & Nora
  • Out With Dad (WINNER)
  • Sequestered
  • The Banks
  • We Are Angels
Best Writing (Drama)
  • Jay Ferguson, Jeremy Diamond, Guidestones: Sunflower Noir
  • Tina Cesa Ward, Producing Juliet (WINNER)
  • Eric Won, The Division
  • Hannah Cheesman and Julian De Zotti, Whatever, Linda
  • Jim Munroe, Haphead
  • Jason Leaver, Out With Dad
Best Comedy Series
Best Directing (Comedy)
Best Female Performance in a Comedy
  • Zoe Chao, God Particles (WINNER)
  • Jackie Geary, Jon and Jen are Married
  • Paula Rhodes, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
  • Nefetari Spencer, Work in Progress the Series
  • Kayla Lorette, Space Riders: Division Earth
Best Male Performance in a Comedy
  • Matthew Werkmeister, Chris & Josh (WINNER)
  • Shane Savage, Chris & Josh
  • Angelo Lozada, GET SOME!
  • Aljin Abella, Hunter n Hornet
  • Jonathan Silver, LARPs: The Series
Best Ensemble Performance (Comedy)
Best Writing (Comedy)
  • Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore, Caper (WINNER – Tie)
  • Jon Verrall, LARPs: The Series
  • Jake Greene, Millennial Parents
  • Andy Signore and Spencer Gilbert, Honest Trailers
  • Dan Beirne and Mark Little, Space Riders: Division Earth (WINNER – Tie)
  • Morgan Waters and Brooks Gray, The Amazing Gayl Pile
Best Animated Series
  • Fatty Littlehead – Space Ranger
  • Fifi Cat Therapist
  • Future Duck!
  • Steve’s Quest: The Musical (WINNER)
  • The Most Popular Girls in School
Best Children’s Series
  • Angie’s Logs: The Invaders Web Series
  • Fifi Cat Therapist
  • Kids React
  • House of Robots
  • Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy (WINNER)
Best Micro-budget Series
  • God Particles (WINNER)
  • Hei and Lo
  • Jared Posts a Personal
  • Out of Time
  • The Gambit
Best Genre Series
  • Caper
  • Daemonium
  • Grayson -Earth One
  • The Gambit
  • -Save Our Skins (WINNER)
Best Non-English Series
  • Daemonium (WINNER)
  • Oposto do Sexo (Opposite of Sex)
  • Por el último round
  • Sin Vida Propia
  • The Banks
Best Documentary or Educational Series
  • Cranium Cookie (WINNER)
  • Day of Gluttony
  • Everyday Economics
  • Man at Arms: Reforged
  • The Future Starts Here
Best Variety Series
  • Kids React
  • Player Piano (WINNER)
  • Progress: Ask a Cam Harlot
  • The Walking Fred
  • What’s Trending
Best Pre-Recorded Hosted Series
  • Larry King Now (WINNER)
  • Late to the Game
  • PoliticKING
  • Sports Jeopardy!
  • TableTop
Best Live Series
  • AfterBuzz TV’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Aftershow
  • AMC Movie Talk (WINNER)
  • MomCaveLive
  • Super Geeked Up
  • What’s Trending
Best Live Host
  • Kristyn Burtt, AfterBuzz TV’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ After Show
  • John Campea, AMC Movie Talk
  • Jeff Burns, Tonya Dodds, Nicole Wright, Super Geeked Up (WINNER)
  • Mike Rotman, Take My Bitcoins
  • Shira Lazar, What’s Trending
Best Pre-Recorded Host
  • John Campea, AMC Mailbag
  • Larry King, Larry King Now
  • Kristen Nedopak, Late to the Game (WINNER)
  • Shawn Thomas, Local Flight
  • Wil Wheaton, TableTop
Best Directing (Non-Fiction)
  • Aaron McLane, Blitzed
  • Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, Kids React
  • Tom Grey, Player Piano (WINNER)
  • Antonio Guajardo, Por el último round
  • Robert Angelo, Roads & Rides – People, Places, Passion
Best Writing (Non-Fiction)
  • Benny Fine, Rafi Fine, Kids React
  • Tiffany Shlain, Sawyer Steele, and Arne Johnson, The Future Starts Here
  • Stacey Crawford, Amanda Toye, and Gabe Michael, Technium (WINNER)
  • Jo Bozarth, The Social Drinker
  • Joe Hanson, It’s Okay to be Smart
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
  • Eric Won, The Division
  • Thom Smalley, Anthony Bair, and Lawrence Jackman, Guidestones: Sunflower Noir (WINNER)
  • Sean Becker, Hench
  • Mike Reisacher, Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy
  • Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold, Video Game High School
Best Costume Design
  • Danny Casco, Agustin Aguirre, Studio Patna, and Jotar, Daemonium
  • Jon Verrall, LARPs: The Series
  • Marchelle Hall, My 2 Black Girlfriends
  • Concetta Verna and Manzi DeYoung, Player Piano
  • The League of S.T.E.A.M., The League of S.T.E.A.M. (WINNER)
Best Production Design
  • Katie Moest, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy (WINNER)
  • Megan Burns, Kia Herman, Player Piano
  • Sebastian Harder, Space Janitors
  • Eric Slatkin, Jay Holzer, Thirsty For
  • Gabor Norman, Ryan Martin, Video Game High School
Best Makeup
  • Simon Ratziel (Rabbid FX Team), Daemonium (WINNER)
  • Jenn Rose and Sonia Cabrera, Real Housewives of Horror
  • Fernanda Orozco, Ride the Lighting: Vengeance
  • Christopher Mills, The Walking Fred
  • Carly Jonell, We Are Angels
Best Original Music
  • Henry Dalton, Paul Cope, Alex Cornish and Christopher George, Future Duck!
  • Gordy Haab, Allene Quincy, and Jason Currie, My 2 Black Girlfriends (WINNER)
  • Chris Edgar, Steve’s Quest: The Musical
  • David DeDourek, Space Janitors
  • Jay McCarrol, Mark Little, Tyler Kyte, Alex Khaskin, and Matt Beckett, Space Riders: Division
  • Earth
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound
Best Transmedia Experience
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