Cinnamon Rice or Plain Rice Too!

Oddly it comes up that people eat rice at my house and then ask for the recipe.

I wondered about this one, however, I want to be of service with my cooking and recipes so I am sharing them all. Of course many things are off the cuff, so be patient, make your requests and I will be blogging the best I can. As always thank you for your interest.

Charley Carlin Cooks and People Love It - Cinnamon Rice

World’s Longest Grain Rice

Now for the Rice

I use a long grain and when I say long grain the stuff I get from a restaurant in Lake Elsinore is the longest grain I have ever seen. It almost looks like noodles it is so long. Any way, saute a brown onion in either butter or olive oil.

After Onion is Sauteed, add 2 cups of rice, and a tablespoon or so of Cinnamon then saute the mixture a bit, then add 3 cups of water and let boil.

When the boiling starts, turn flame to low and cook for 20 minutes or whatever your rices needs as different species of rice have different cooking times.

You will need to make a few batches to calibrate with your stove, pan, altitude, and attitude. When you are calibrated, then repeat as necessary.

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