Charley and Anet Recipes

We all love having dinners and eating great food. Many times people request our recipes.  Well here they are for you! Give them a try, see what you like and taste how it comes out for you. Some contain infinite calories, some are cooked to Weight Watchers specifications (although you will have to find that one!), most are not. All are things we like!

Triple Olive Tapenade – Beware Some eat so much they totally fill up!
Baked Garbanzo Beans – New and Still in Test Mode

No Fail Pie Crust – Anet says anyone can learn this one!
Bobbi’s Carrot Cake – A contest winner year after year.
Texas Pecan Pie – Oh Those Texas Pawnee Pecans
Texas TwinkieMahSue – Every Popular Once you Taste it.

Side Dishes
6 Bean Salad – Five, Six, Seven, Nine – All Popular
Brocolli Salad – The Place always Comes back Empty
Charley’s Beans – World famous indeed
Cherry Rice – Oh La La – Cherry Rice
Chili Verde – A terrific Favorite! – and So Easy!
Cinnamon Rice – Simple and Tasty
Green Bean Blanch – So Simple and So Tasty
Hoisin Salad – Anet Loves This One!
Jalapeno Cornbread – Goes well with Charley’s Beans
Summer Bean Salad – Cool and Refreshing

Main Dishes
Moroccan Crockpot Stew – A Favorite of Late
Smoked Birds – Popular for Decades

P.S. If there is a recipe you think is missing drop me a note.
If you have questions about any of the recipes, call either Anet of Myself.
As Always,

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