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My cousin in Houston was making this one Thanksgiving time visit while I was in Texas. She actually was dipping the Twinkies in the coffee mixture but being a lazy cook, I pour the mixture over the Twinkies. I don’t remember what else she put in except the Cool Whip and so I just made this up to copy what Tiramisu is sort of like.
Prep time including shopping 20 minutes
15 TwinkiesTwinkies have an infinite shelf life!
1 cup Kahlua or other coffee liqueur
1 cup coffee (strong)
2 Large Boxes Instant Chocolate pudding
5 cups milk
1 Large Cool Whip (let it defrost on the counter)
Chocolate dusting powder

Using a 13 X 9 pan
Place the Twinkies side by side nestled together
Mix to coffee and Kahlua together and drizzle over the Twinkies
Mix the 5 cups milk with the chocolate pudding mixes
Spread the thickened pudding over the Twinkies
Spread the Cool Whip over the pudding
Dust with a good grade of sweetened chocolate powder

Chill for either 5 minutes or an hour and eat.
Serves 16-20 easily.
Calories: Don’t ask
People have seconds, even if they are doubtful.

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