Zanskar Girls School – Preserving Tibetan Culture

The Zanskar Girls School Project seeks to educate young women and preserve Tibetan Culture. Located in North Eastern India in the State of Kargil, near Tibet,  are some remnants of Tibetan Culture. The Zanskar Valley, which is isolated during five winter months, has a one room school with sixteen girls who live and learn for seven months of the year. They learn English, Indian, reading, writing and arithmetic, but importantly they learn of their Tibetan Culture, Peace, Buddhism and the Tibetan Language.

Zanskar Girls School - Young Tibetan Women

Zanskar Valley School

We wish to improve the conditions of the school and these women by supporting their growth and operation.  There are three nuns who are the instructors. We are working to give support to build another room and allow more students to attend. Girls go to school here till eighteen, when they decide to become nuns, or go into the world and have families. The need to educate women is an important world issue, and we find this to be a fitting location to give our support.

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  • To become a Top Tier Supporter of our program and sponsor a girl in the new second room we are building is a pledge of US $1,500. We are looking for 16 top Tier Sponsors. This will increase the school facility.
  • Operational support is US $400 per student.  This is for the annual support of one girl’s food, clothing, medical, and school supplies. We are looking for 16 Operational Supporters
  • All Gifts in Any Amount are welcome

Zanskar Girls School Sponsor - Geshe Lobsang Tseten

Geshe Lobsang Tseten

This school is a legacy of one Tibetan Monk   Geshe Lobsang Tseten. He is here with us to bring us understanding of life, Buddhism and the culture of Tibetans. Geshe is from the Drepung  Monastery in Southern India where he is a teacher. The monastery (population 4000) is one of the largest in India.

For over 40 years he has been, and continues to be, a student of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Regarding the School – Here are some questions and answers

What is the mission of the school? The mission of the school is to educate women and maintain a lineage of Tibetan Culture.

Tell me about the Zanskar Girls School

Currently this is a one room where everyone lives and learns in the same room. We want to double the size – build a second room – That will allow the school to grow.

How many children are in the school? Currently 16. This school expansion will allow for more. All girls ages 7 – 18.

How many teachers? Currently there are three. We will add one additional teacher with the second room.

What is the best way to help the school? To become a Top Tier Supporter and help build the second room is the greatest need today. There is a need to educate as many women as possible. The second room is the next step.

Can I sponsor a girl? Yes you can. The school is free to all students. The annual cost for the school is about US $400.00 a year. This includes food, clothes, medical and school supplies.

Are more girls trying to get into the school?

Yes there are girls who need to get into the school. The school chooses the girls who are in the greatest need. To give them a place to live and an education is one of the greatest gifts of life, especially in these modern times. One’s mother is the first teacher, and to give women education means that they will educate other children as well.

What languages are spoken? Tibetan, Indian, and English

How big is the surrounding area? The school is 1.5 miles from the nearest village of 1,000.

Is there internet in Zanskar? There is no internet in Zanskar.

How isolated is Zanskar Valley? Can I visit? Of Course, It would be an amazing journey into the Zanskar Valley, and most likely a life changing experience. To get to the Zanskar Valley from the west coast of California would be a 30 hour flight to Leh, then a 26 hour drive from Leh to Kargill to the Zanskar Valley. The road is not open for 5 months of the year due to the high altitude and winter conditions.

What is life like in Zanskar? Ask Geshe directly. His broad smile tells of a wonderful childhood in the  Zanskar Valley.

Thank you for Your Help to Build the Zanskar Girls School

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