Garden Photos

The Atascadero Flowers at our home have become a riot of color and blooms and layers that are such a soothing spectacle for the senses that we want to share as much of the beauty as possible. The roses love the warm sun in Atascadero and in return we get such wonderful colors and so many visitors. For those in the neighborhood, please drop on by for the in person view, for the others around the world we will share with the gallery here.

The birds really enjoy the birdbath. We see robins, pigeons, doves, various finches and more bathing regularly. The hummingbirds seem to enjoy other flowers and the squirrels are always searching for the elusive sunflower seeds in the bird food.

Charley & Anet

Atascadero Flowers

Atascadero Flowers - Charley and Anet Carlin

Anet and Charley Carlin – Atascadero Rose Garden