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Atascadero.net – Look at stories, events and places around Atascadero California and San Luis Obispo County.

Local Links to Santa - Paso Robles - Charley Carlin

Ho Ho Ho! See you soon

Santa Claus – See Santa’s upcoming events for San Luis Obispo County. He, Mrs. Claus, lots of Elves and his best friends will be at the many annual events in Paso Robles including the Light Parade, Vine Street Victorian  Showcase, the Teddy Bear Tea and the Santa House in the Central Park in Paso Robles. Be sure to save the dates and mark your calendars. December is a busy month! Check in on FaceBook and Give him a like to be included on the news. As you know – Santa Claus is coming to town.

Paso.biz -Coming Soon so – Look at stories, events, and places around Paso Robles California and San Luis Obispo County.

Morro.biz – Coming Soon So – Look at Stories, Events, and Places around Morro Bay, California and San Luis Obispo County.

BrickyardTheatre.com – Brickyard Theatre is officially closed.after ten years of show productions this small theatre’s once a year productions vividly remembered by many, and missed by all. We will be doing many other things for our family, community and other causes. There may even be an occasional concert, we will se what the future brings. Thank you all for your incredible past support of the Brickyard Theatre.