Web TV

After years of Cable TV, Satellite TV and plain old antenna TV, Even with all the channels, we found that we could sit down in front of the boob tube and do a channel check (that takes about 20 minutes with all the bazillion channels) to come to the conclusion that there was nothing I wanted to watch anyway! That sure is a long time to come to that conclusion, but it happened over and over again.  So Sad! Well, we gave up on subscription TV and turned it off. We especially did not miss all the commercials which are now over half of what is broadcast. After all the cable connection is over a grand a year these days and that is too much to pay for commercials! After a very short mental adjustment time, we found we did not miss it.

Well we then went on to our DVD collection and even our VHS collection and found, and re-discovered many items. We even found things that we had not watched and enjoyed them all the more.  Now with the web and a good internet connection we added in streaming for netflix and found a wealth of movies, dramas, and documentaries that fit our tastes very well.

Now the latest addition is web TV. It seems that while I was not looking there are lots of series shows and movies on web TV. We are using Hulu and YouTube to discover lots of quality entertainment for free, with a minimum of commercial interruption. – Seriously Web TV via Hulu and YouTube is free! Note that the Hulu Plus subscription is about streaming to your hand held devices (phones and tablets) and is not needed!

It is a lot of fun. For some tips go to my next blog entry about the International Academy of Web TV for some tips.