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50 Shades of Yellow

Yellow Journalism

Journalism and reporting takes on many shades of yellow. Even when telling stories around the campfire, some can spin better yarns than others. The competition to create a darker and darker story seems endless. Many think they are ‘telling the truth’ when it is usually they are simply telling their versions or ‘side of the […]

Jeni and Billy with Craig Eastman ...

Jeni and Billy with Craig Eastman – 2015 Concert

Famous World Touring Musicians Jeni and Billy along with special guest Craig Eastman will be playing in Concert on October 25th 6:00 PM For those of you who know them, get reservations early, For those who don’t know them – Keep reading. Limited Seating – Reserve Early (805) 466-4653 Parking Protocol Required Click here for […]

The Curious Condors of Navajo Bridge

The Curious Condors of Navajo Bridge

On a beautiful warm August afternoon we had been admiring the southern part of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Such a beautiful display of colors. It was a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Luckily the road was open, as the rains from the previous days had closed the road with car sized boulders […]

Beware – Microsoft Calling Scam

scam alert

There have been continuing reports concerning this problem, so please Beware! Beware of the Scam Calls that come in telling you that they are from Microsoft and your computer is either infected, or about to crash. These people have crafted a story that tells you about how they are from Microsoft and your computer has […]

Brocolli Salad

Brocolli Salad

This dish is a constant favorite at our house.  Again and again the platter returns empty. So lets get to It! This one you can make in the morning and chill for dinner. It’s quick (after you get the water boiling) and fun! Get a couple pounds of broccoli with stems is good. trim the small leaves […]

Hoisin Salad

Hoisin Salad

This very simple recipe has turned into one of Anet’s favorites. She raves about this one and it is so easy to crank out! Lets go! So… Matchstick 3 medium carrots, and an equal size pile of Daichon (a Chinese radish) in small cubes 3/16 or matchstick, and ditto for a pile of celery cubed and / or […]

Baked Garbanzo Beans

Charley Carlin - Baked Garbanzo Beans

The Baked Garbanzo Beans were an instant hit at our last dinner party, at least for those of us who like garbanzos. It is a quick and easy recipe and a favorite dish for 3 of the seven at that dinner party. They were consumed rapidly and I think the best thing I could have […]

Why Use LinkedIn? Everyone Needs to K...

Why Use LinkedIn? Everyone Needs to Know!

Why Use LinkedIn ? A question that has been asked many times, by many people. People who are rock solid in their job, people who are self employed for life, or people who are retired may as this question Why Use LinkedIn ? Well, there is  story to tell with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an important […]

Tibetan Monks Sacred Art 2015 Tour of...

Tibetan Monks Sacred Art 2015 Tour of the Central Coast

The Sacred Art of the Drepung Gomang Monastery A group of Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery Art Tour of 2015 is arriving in Central California for a four week stay, April 13 – May 8. They will be exhibiting Tibetan Crafts, creating large beautiful sand paintings and presenting cultural pageant performances that include: […]

Summer Bean Salad

Summer Bean Salad by Charley Carlin

The Summer Bean Salad is very simple, easy to create, and tastes so nice. It has been a favorite for many of our guests and for me it is a good lunch now and then. Just Chop, gently mix and chill! The number and types of beans can be varied to suit your tastes or […]

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