Zanskar Girls School – Preserving Tibetan Culture

The Zanskar Girls School Project seeks to educate young women and preserve Tibetan Culture. Located in North Eastern India in the State of Kargil, near Tibet,  are some remnants of Tibetan Culture. The Zanskar Valley, which is isolated during five winter months, has a one room school with sixteen girls who live and learn for seven months of the year. They learn English, Indian, reading, writing and arithmetic, but importantly they learn of their Tibetan Culture, Peace, Buddhism and the Tibetan Language.

Zanskar Girls School - Young Tibetan Women

Zanskar Valley School

We wish to improve the conditions of the school and these women by supporting their growth and operation. There are three nuns who are the instructors. We are working to give support to build another room and allow more students to attend. Girls go to school here till eighteen, when they decide to become nuns, or go into the world and have families. The need to educate women is an important world issue, and we find this to be a fitting location to give our support.

All Checks must be made Payable to:

Deep Roots Himalayan Foundation
5529 Tunitas Ave.
Atascadero, California 93422

You can also donate online at Our Facebook Page for Zanskar Girls School

To Insure Proper Accounting
On the Notes field of the Check Please Put: Zanskar Girls School

Deep Roots Himalayan Foundation is a pending Charitable Organization Status for 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.

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Assassination threats against Barack Obama

Well I was digging around the web the other day and was studying my US history, particularly Assassination threats against Barack Obama, when I came across this information. Eye opening and interesting, I wonder why this was glanced over or omitted from news events? After asking several people if they knew of any assassination attempts on the life of Barack Obama, and all but one said no. And beyond the no answer, the had a rather shocked look, as in why didn’t anyone speak up and tell us!

Cousins Tharin Gartrell and Shawn Adolf and their friend Nathan Johnson went to Denver allegedly planning to assassinate Obama during his acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but officials said there was no substantial threat. The three men were arrested.

A plot in Tennessee involved two white supremacists, Paul Schlesselman and Daniel Cowart, who planned to drive their car toward the Democratic nominee Obama and open fire with guns. They were arrested on October 22, 2008, before taking any action. Schlesselman and Cowart pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the threat in 2010 and were sentenced to 10 and 14 years in prison, respectively.

A plot to assassinate Obama at the Alliance of Civilizations summit in Istanbul, Turkey, in April 2009 by a man of Syrian origins carrying forged Al-Jazeera TV press credentials was uncovered. The man confessed to the Turkish security services details of his plan to kill Obama with a knife with three alleged accomplices.

In November 2011, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a man who believed he was Jesus and that Obama was the Antichrist, hit the White House with several rounds fired from a semi-automatic rifle. No one was injured. However, a window was broken.

Another attempt was made in April 2013 when a letter laced with ricin, a deadly poison, was sent to President Obama.

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50 Shades of Yellow

Journalism and reporting takes on many shades of yellow. Even when telling stories around the campfire, some can spin better yarns than others. The competition to create a darker and darker story seems endless. Many think they are ‘telling the truth’ when it is usually they are simply telling their versions or ‘side of the story’. Imagine an investigator trying to solve a crime, or an arbitrator attempting to get the ‘facts’ straight. What a puzzle! I know one investigator who says the first rule of investigation is that everybody lies. Indeed it is so. The words we use and their personally attached interpretations, meanings and anchors often seriously complicate our ability to lift the fog of our misunderstandings.
Let’s examine one of my favorite misinterpretation quagmires which got my attention some time ago.
So a little background first. A long time ago there were crusaders. Crusaders sure sound like good guys, but are they? Depends on what the cause is and what you believe is the right way to handle it. Near the crusaders were reformers who were surely trying to bring knowledge to those they perceived were in need of enlightenment.
Fast forward to the old western movies and there were the good guys and the bad guys. Good guys wore white hats and, of course bad guys wore black hats. What could be easier. Now we can tell them apart.
Subsequently there were freedom fighters. Freedom fighter sure sounds like a good guys, however again it is a matter of how you color the views and actions of the players.
From freedom fighters we go to subversives. Hmm. Who are they and are they good or bad? Who knows? Being a subversive sure sounds like the dark side, but again it is a matter of attached meanings for each of us.
So we go to the wars of Central America and there were always rebels fighting the in-power governments. Good or bad again depends on your personal news feed about the participants.
Next there came a point where the word rebels turned into revolutionaries and then they all became insurgents. Insurgents – Nobody knew what it meant, but it sure sounded threatening. Now we can attach huge fear and unknown to a word that people will not take the time to look up or understand. Simply being scared and afraid seemed to be real popular.
Then came the rampant overuse of the word terrorist. Followed by the incessant need to make everything a terrorist attack. Everything from a carjacking, to a bank robbery, to a kidnapping now became a terrorist attack with all the added penalties and the near heart attacks for all involved.
It is time to enhance our vocabulary, increase our education, and improve our communication capabilities. Make the thesaurus and dictionary part of the day. Look up that word when you are unsure. Increase your clarity of speech, expand your vocabulary and make the world a better place of us all. Thanks.

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Mary Alice Mankins

Mary Alice mankins

Mary Alice

Mary Alice Smith Mankins of Halcyon, California, died peacefully at home on November 14, 2015, of natural causes. She was 91. Born in November 1923 to Frank and Florence Smith of Marquette, Michigan, Mary Alice lived a vibrant and full life. Known as Totsie to her Michigan family and friends, she served proudly as a Rosie the Riveter during World War II, and worked as a dance instructor for the Arthur Murray Dance Studios. She earned her teaching credential at Northern Michigan University, Marquette, and relocated to California in 1951 to teach at Arroyo Grande High School. She headed the girl’s P.E. program, served as Dean of Girls, and was administrator for the counseling department. An inspiring, fun, and caring mentor to those serving under her guidance, Ms. Mankins brought creativity and innovation to campus life and student services. She retired from teaching at age 58. M.A. loved the water, travel, and art, painting weekly with her watercolor group until last year, despite vision loss. Most of all, she loved being with people, and was known for large and fun gatherings in her Halcyon home that pulled people together from work, community, and family. Mary Alice is survived by nephews, F. Michael (Allison) Smith of Marquette, Mich.; Warren Smith of Beckley, W.Va.; Daniel Smith (Nga) of Goleta, Calif.; niece, Rebecca (Vern) Barber of Marquette, Mich.; six grand-nieces and -nephews, and one great-grand-niece. She was preceded in death by her brother, Franklin Smith, and his wife, Mary. Services will be held at 2:00pm on Saturday, January 9, at the Temple of the People in Halcyon. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made to the MA Mankins Memorial Scholarship, c/o P.O. Box 7157, Arroyo Grande, Calif., 93421. Honor Mary Alice by volunteering time and effort to schools and organizations for young people and, in all that you do, remember to kick up your heels and dance!

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The Curious Condors of Navajo Bridge

Charley Carlin - Curious Condors

Curious Condors of Navajo Bridge

On a beautiful warm August afternoon we had been admiring the southern part of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Such a beautiful display of colors. It was a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Luckily the road was open, as the rains from the previous days had closed the road with car sized boulders being washed into the highway. The ability of water to move huge rocks is amazing. My the forces of mother nature are incredible. We were on the north side of the Grand Canyon and the crossings of the great canyon and the Colorado river are few.

Marble Canyon by Charley Carlin

Marble Canyon by Charley Carlin

Marble Canyon is one such crossing. There is a modern bridge for automotive traffic, and just to the north of that arch bridge is Navajo Bridge. Built in 1927-29 it spans over 800 feet and over 460 feet about the Colorado. An impressive feat at the time to be sure. Wide enough for a single car or wagon, it is now only user for foot traffic. The Navajo bridge was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1981. Later in 1998 the Navajo Bridge was recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.  The location was indeed remote in 1927 and to consider the feat of getting all the parts to this location and get them assembled, well, it can boggle the mind. The view from the bridge gives vistas both up and down the canyon.

Marble Canyon- Charley Carlin

Rafting the Colorado

The river rafters glide slowly down the river tracing parts of Powell’s historic journey. I walked halfway across the bridge took lots of pictures and started back towards the car and the visitor center. I then received a call from my wife,. ‘Come over the bridge there are condors.’ she said excitedly. Well I turned around and went to the far side and there were three condors observing the tourists observing them. Some might not know that the Condor is a very curious bird that want to know about you as much as you want to know about him. The ranger stated that attempts to get the birds to move on have been unsuccessful, so to our benefit we were able to indulge in a close encounter of the 3 birds.  The birds were marked and had radio tracking transmitters.

Charley Carlin - Condor at Navajo Bridge

Condor H9 and the Vermilion Cliffs

As the condor neared extinction, special programs have saved the species,at least for now. It is a jaw dropping event to get so close to the largest bird in North America and just be amazed. Our trip to the Vermilion Cliffs and marble Canyon was wonderful. Our day of the three condors was a very memorable experience. Now it is off to Flagstaff as the adventures continue.

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Beware – Microsoft Calling Scam

Don't Be A Victim

Scam Alert – Beware

There have been continuing reports concerning this problem, so please Beware!
Beware of the Scam Calls that come in telling you that they are from Microsoft and your computer is either infected, or about to crash. These people have crafted a story that tells you about how they are from Microsoft and your computer has come up on their screens and they are here to help you and blah blah blah. They only want to rob you! Do not help them. This is a complete and total scam. So please listen up.
Number one. Microsoft does not, will not, and has never cold called you! (read that 3 or four times please) Never Connect to a Cold Caller. Never Never Never.
Number two. There is no number to call these guys back. Every Legitimate Business has a number you can call back. No matter what their story, Never connect, Never Give any information, Just hang Up. If you must, request not to ever be called, but hang up. It is amazing to me that even after people are warned, they continue to get scammed and wonder why? Please tell them you need their number call at a more convenient time or to give to the federal trade commission or the FBI or any other law enforcement group and watch how the story continues into oblivion.
Number three. Read one and two again and never, I repeat never let a cold caller connect to your computer or your credit card. (did I say never). These guys are trained like the closers at a time share sales promotion. They will tell you anything to get you to give them control and your money.
This is a Scam – Beware I am not prone to blast messages that get sent to everyone, however it is time that this message be sent again. Please share with anyone you wish. This scam has been going on for several years and has just seemed to be on the rise again. Remember there are NO EXCEPTIONS – Microsoft or one of its partners is not calling you. They will say we are Microsoft Gold partners and are doing this as a service to you. LIE LIE LIE.
A quick story of how one friend handled this. He was in a playful mood and decided to listen to these scam artists and they talked and thought they were guiding him to a particular site. Little did they know he was just doing his normal surfing. They requested him to tell them what was on the screen. He said (a complete fabrication) it says ice cream is on sale. The virus scam artist them said “oh my! You have the dreaded Chinese Ice Cream Virus. We must connect to you immediately.” So as you might expect, after a hearty laugh, he hung up. You would be well advised to do the same.

Just Google ‘Microsoft calling scam’
If you Google Microsoft Calling Scam you can read lots of articles from Microsoft about the scam. These crooks are the like a virus, they continue mutating and taking advantage of people who are gullible to their pitch. Beware Beware Beware

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Brocolli Salad

Charley Carlin Cooks Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad – Yummie!

[print_link] This dish is a constant favorite at our house.  Again and again the platter returns empty. So lets get to It! This one you can make in the morning and chill for dinner. It’s quick (after you get the water boiling) and fun!

Get a couple pounds of broccoli with stems is good. trim the small leaves from the stems and a bit of the end of the stem. Cut the Broccoli so the individual flowerettes have a long piece of stem with them. I just rotate the broccoli and trim off the piece that gives me a full little head of broccoli with a chunk of stem.
Blanch the broccoli in boiling water for 5 minutes – Drain the broccoli and put cold water on the broccoli to stop the cooking process.

Charley Carlin Cooks Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad Setup

    Now the sauce.

  • 1.5 tablespoons peanut oil
  • 1 table spoon sesame seed oil
  • mince 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of soy
  • mince 3-4 scallions

Mix it all together and add a couple tablespoons of sesame seeds into the mix. Stir gently then pour this mixture on the broccoli and roll the whole mess around until the broccoli is coated with the sauce.arrange the pieces on a platter and put it in the refrigerator for an least an hour or more. Enjoy Thanks go to Ken Hom and his book Chinese Cookery – He is a starting point for many of my Chinese / California-ized Recipes or use this link to get to Ken on You Tube for a bunch or recipes!!


charley-straw-hatAbout The Chef – Charley loves to cook for a group, whether the group is six or twenty. Creating new dishes from others recipes by altering quantities, leaving out some parts and adding other parts creates his personal style.  All of his recipes are available for everyone to use.

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Hoisin Salad

[print_link]This very simple recipe has turned into one of Anet’s favorites. She raves about this one Hoision Salad Ready for The Tableand it is so easy to crank out! Lets go! So… Matchstick 3 medium carrots, and an equal size pile of Daichon (a Chinese radish) in small cubes 3/16 or matchstick, and ditto for a pile of celery cubed and / or zuchini – Just make the ratios equal in quantity and size. Then sometimes I will add a half a minced red bell pepper and a small pile of minced purple onion for color and a bit more flavor. Now gently mix all the vegetables and the add the sauce to the top and gently but completely mix in the sauce. Now the sauce / dressing

2 Tablespoons rice wine vinegarHoisin Salad Parts
2 heaping Tablespoons of hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of hot chili oil.
Mix the sauce and the vegetables gently and completely then chill.
Make this up early in the day and the vegetables soak up the flavor! Gently Stir Again before serving
It really is that simple.
As Always, Charley

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Baked Garbanzo Beans

[print_link] The Baked Garbanzo Beans were an instant hit at our last dinner party, at least for those of us who like garbanzos. It is a quick and easy recipe and a favorite dish for 3 of the seven at that dinner party. They were consumed rapidly and I think the best thing I could have done to improve would have been to the double the recipe! There will be no leftovers on this one!  I think I will add a small spot of cayenne pepper on the next batch for a little extra punch!


Two or three 15-ounce cans garbanzo beans (rinsed and drained)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon paprika
½ teaspoon salt
Juice of one lemon
1 1/2  teaspoon thyme

Set the oven to 425°F. Put the garbanzo beans on a foiled cookie sheet. Roast them in the oven for 10 minutes or so, then shake to redistribute, and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Combine the sauce ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Add the roasted chickpeas and toss until well coated. Return the chickpeas to the baking sheet and roast in the oven for 5 more minutes, until very fragrant. Serve warm for immediate happiness, or at room temperature as a table snack, or any way you wish. Enjoy! [print_link]

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Why Use LinkedIn? Everyone Needs to Know!

Why Use LinkedIn ?Why Use LinkedIn? Find Out Here

A question that has been asked many times, by many people. People who are rock solid in their job, people who are self employed for life, or people who are retired may ask this question Why Use LinkedIn ? Well, there is  story to tell with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an important part of everyone’s digital footprint. Here is an interview from Charley discussing just those details. What is your digital footprint and why do I care? Lets take a look here! Additionally. there is a short series of articles about LinkedIn I have placed on my social media blog as well at Charley Carlin – Social Media For Small Business for more Tips, Tricks, and Guidance.  Why Use LinkedIn ? Watch the Video and find out!

LinkedIn and Your Digital Footprint

Filling out a LinkedIn profile can be a bit daunting, or so it seems, at first. Just put in a few minutes a day or week till it is completed. Remember you LinkedIn profile is an important chunk of your digital footprint, and people are looking you up! The better your digital profile looks, the more enticing it will be for customers and other professionals to connect with you.

Please visit my profile on LinkedIn for an example profile.

Charley Carlin - Blogger!

Charley Carlin

About The Author
Charley is an avid locator of those slightly odd and a bit different places, museums, shrines and viewports that give life a bit of extra flavor. He can be found about the web on his family site –, his home town blog –, his social media guidance site – and at Atascadero’s Best Kept Secret the

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