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DuoLingo – Learn a Language for Free

Every once and awhile I come across an incredible tool that I must share with everyone. Duolingo is just such a tool. To communicate with another person we need a common language. Did you ever want to learn another language? Did you ever want to sharpen up those skills that may have not been used in a while? I know I do. Well now you can, you can do it on your own schedule and more! And get this Рwith no cost. You already speak another language? Help tune up the translations on the web, and be a prat of making the world a better place.. The site www.duolingo.com enables one to be a part of something big. Millions of people are already using www.duolingo.com today.  Whether you want to learn French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian or Hungarian, Duolingo can help you! Watch this short overview video and jump with an account to help the world and you communicate better.