Charley Favorite Chili Verde

We love Mexican Food. We Love It! If we don’t have Mexican food for a couple of days, the cravings start. So we take recipes and modify them to match our cooking style, our available ingredients and of course our taste. Seems simple enough. And when easy recipes hit the jackpot, I am ready to use them again and again and share them with friends as we carry on about our recipes.

So, after several attempts at Chili Verde, Anet, Judith and I agreed that this is our favorite Chili Verde recipe. It is suited our taste buds very well. The biggest problem is that we want to eat more, even when we are full.

One Brown Onion – Minced and two or three three fresh jalapenos seeded, minced and sauteed

a pound or so of pork (loins, chops or whatever) cut into cubes (your choice of size  – say half inch cubes) and browned in a bit of oil.

put it all into a crock pot with a couple cups of Herdez Green Chili Verde Salsa – enough salsa to cover the ingredients 

Mix gently and Let it cook on medium for a couple hours (or more) and serve over rice (or just bet a big bowl of it!).

Easy, Tasty, Satisfying, Smells terrific, and We are happy. Herdez - Fabulous - Charley Carlin

I have found that I like to add potatoes as well (or instead of) with the pork. I chunk the potatoes and boil them till fully cooked, rinse and add them to the mix – and extra sauce if needed Keep everything covered and the masterpiece is on the way..

Do the same with carrots as well. works great, tastes great and We Love It!