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Hoisin Salad

[print_link]This very simple recipe has turned into one of Anet’s favorites. She raves about this one and it is so easy to crank out! Lets go! So… Matchstick 3 medium carrots, and an equal size pile of Daichon (a Chinese radish) in small … Continue reading

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Baked Garbanzo Beans

[print_link] The Baked Garbanzo Beans were an instant hit at our last dinner party, at least for those of us who like garbanzos. It is a quick and easy recipe and a favorite dish for 3 of the seven at … Continue reading

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Why Use LinkedIn? Everyone Needs to Know!

Why Use LinkedIn ? A question that has been asked many times, by many people. People who are rock solid in their job, people who are self employed for life, or people who are retired may as this question Why … Continue reading

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Tibetan Monks Sacred Art 2015 Tour of the Central Coast

The Sacred Art of the Drepung Gomang Monastery A group of Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery Art Tour of 2015 is arriving in Central California for a four week stay, April 13 – May 8. They will be … Continue reading

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Summer Bean Salad

[print_link] The Summer Bean Salad is very simple, easy to create, and tastes so nice. It has been a favorite for many of our guests and for me it is a good lunch now and then. Just Chop, gently mix … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rice or Plain Rice Too!

[print_link] Oddly it comes up that people eat rice at my house and then ask for the recipe. I wondered about this one, however, I want to be of service with my cooking and recipes so I am sharing them … Continue reading

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Triple Olive Tapenade

[print_link] This one has been a rip roaring raving success at all our dinner parties lately! It is as simple as it sounds and can be whipped up in short order. So give this one a try. Can of Black … Continue reading

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Learn another language for free!

Every once and awhile I come across an incredible tool that I must share with everyone. Duolingo is just such a tool. To communicate with another person we need a common language. Did you ever want to learn another language? … Continue reading

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Our April 2014 Flowers

The Roses and the Iris hit wonderful notes this April surrounding us with the beauty of mother nature everywhere we look. We are so grateful. I see little tomato flowers too. Can’t wait for those big vine ripened tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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Charley’s Kitchen – Six Bean Salad

[print_link] Here in Charley’s Kitchen I took my Summer Bean Recipe and modified it for a larger batch and added a few twists. This recipe can be modified at will. For instance Anet does not care for the butter beans, … Continue reading

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