Tibetan Monk Cultural Pageant Information

The Cultural Pageant information is a 1 MB Pdf file – Click Continue Reading to load the file

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Art Show Opens August 18th

The Circle of Friends Gallery and Brickyard Theatre Present a new art show, A Temporary Gallery of Ideas, Sunday afternoon, August 18th from 4PM to 7PM. Continue reading

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Texas TwinkieMahSue

My cousin in Houston was making this one Thanksgiving time visit while I was in Texas. She actually was dipping the Twinkies in the coffee mixture but being a lazy cook, I pour the mixture over the Twinkies. I don’t remember what else she put in except the Cool Whip and so I just made this up to copy what Tiramisu is sort of like.
Prep time including shopping 20 minutes
15 TwinkiesTwinkies have an infinite shelf life!
1 cup Kahlua or other coffee liqueur
1 cup coffee (strong)
2 Large Boxes Instant Chocolate pudding
5 cups milk
1 Large Cool Whip (let it defrost on the counter)
Chocolate dusting powder

Using a 13 X 9 pan
Place the Twinkies side by side nestled together
Mix to coffee and Kahlua together and drizzle over the Twinkies
Mix the 5 cups milk with the chocolate pudding mixes
Spread the thickened pudding over the Twinkies
Spread the Cool Whip over the pudding
Dust with a good grade of sweetened chocolate powder

Chill for either 5 minutes or an hour and eat.
Serves 16-20 easily.
Calories: Don’t ask
People have seconds, even if they are doubtful.

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The Pageant of Atascadero is Coming

The Pageant of Atascadero is coming. It is part of the year long Atascadero Centennial. You are invited to be a part of the history of Atascadero.

Show Title:  The Colony, written by Anet Carlin and Colleen Goulding, first presented in Atascadero in the 1990’s.

What it is:  A musical pageant, to be performed outdoors as part of Atascadero’s 100th Birthday celebration Continue reading

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Web TV Awards

While at COMDEX in Las Vegas in January, I went to the International Academy of Web TX awards. It was a gala to honor the wonderful work being done on the web. It was a hoot! Just like the Academy awards, but a bit smaller and it was dressy. I could meet many of these people who are creators, writers, actors, and cinematographers face to face. I wish you all could have been there. Too Much Fun. Well I decided to look up and view as many of the winners as I could stand. Continue reading

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Web TV

After years of Cable TV, Satellite TV and plain old antenna TV, Even with all the channels, we found that we could sit down in front of the boob tube and do a channel check (that takes about 20 minutes with all the bazillion channels) to come to the conclusion that there was nothing I wanted to watch anyway! That sure is a long time to come to that conclusion, but it happened over and over again.  So Sad! Well, we gave up on subscription TV and turned it off. We especially did not miss all the commercials which are now over half of what is broadcast. After all the cable connection is over a grand a year these days and that is too much to pay for commercials! After a very short mental adjustment time, Continue reading

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Ramona Pageant 90th Celebration

imagesI just received a note about the upcoming Ramona Pageant in Ramona, CA near Hemet.  For those who have never heard of, or for those who have not seen it, the Ramona is the official California Outdoor Play. Ramona is a place like no other where history and Continue reading

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2012 Atascadero Fall Colors

All the residents and visitors of Atascadero were so lucky this year to see the wonderful show of colors. All around town, in parking lots, along the El Camino, and in back yards there are examples! As I traveled around town I collect a few to share with you! Here you go! To see the photos click Continue Reading Continue reading

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US State Quarters 1999 – 2008

The State Quarter series produced from 1999 till 2008 put pieces of history in everyone’s hand. So much I have to learn about so many places! Here is a look at all 50 with the current state motto! I was amazed at some of them. To See Them  Continue reading

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Savory Moroccan Stew

Well it seems that even an old dog can learn new tricks. I had ordered the Savory Moroccan Stew many times at one of our finest little secrets in Atascadero – Fig Fine Food on Traffic Way. Chris does a wonderful job and also does incredible catering. For a map and opinions see the FIG page on Yelp.com – Just click here for a link to FIG Fine Food with a map. Well after trying theirs for some time I decided to create my own version and I have posted it here in Charley.net under the recipes, along with many other favorites by our friends opinions and maybe yours too! Tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Link to Charley’s Version of Savory Moroccan Stew – Click here

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